PathBio: An ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance consortium

Mice represent more than 60% of the laboratory animals used in Europe for research purposes in Universities, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies. Technologies for characterising mouse models of human disease have advanced enormously in the last decade and the availability of mouse models for the understanding and cure of human diseases has similarly increased through the use of novel techniques such as CRISPR gene editing.

Such advances in science bring with them a need for training in new techniques and particularly the integration of that training where expertise lies distributed across Europe and the rest of the world.

3D Model of Mouse Embryo

PathBio Activities

The PathBio project brings together an ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance consortium from across the globe to cooperate on pooling resources and expertise in order to build the framework for a European post graduate degree in Precision pathobiology for disease models.

PathBio Symposium Reproducibility and Translatability in Research: the path forward

On 3rd December 2021 Pathbio will hold a Symposium at the Aula Magna - Centro CESTV ( Palazzo delle Biotecnologie).

We are privileged to be addressed at that meeting by Nobel Prize winner Mario Capecchi.

Workshops and courses

Beginning in January 2019 the project will gather information, data and expertise to support teaching in mouse pathobiology and will run three open workshops in difefrent aspects of mouse phenotyping to help develop teaching practices and assess the use of data and resources in the proposed MSc course.

Bringing business, research and education together

Within the consortium are Universities, research institutes and commercial entities with a stake in the relevant educational and scientific outcomes of the project, making up the knowledge economy triangle.

Course Adverts

Summer Courses 2021

Duration: 9 Days


Embryology, Anatomy, Histology and the anatomical basis of Imaging

The first PathBio course module, Embryology, Anatomy, Histology, and the Anatomical Basis of Imaging will take place in the Veterinary School at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ( The aim is to provide graduate, master's, PhD and postdoc students with basic and expert knowledge to phenotype morphologically mouse models of human diseases.

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Duration: 4 Days


Mouse Pathology

The second PathBio course module, Mouse Pathology, will take place in Copenhagen at the BRIC, Biocenter Copenhagen, ( The course will provide Master's Students, PhD students, and post-docs with basic and expert knowledge in mouse pathology, helping them to better analyze mice with disease phenotypes.

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Duration: 7 Days



Imaging techniques have been powerful to understand and follow the progress of disease in human but also in animal models. They offer the opportunity to characterize further the features with a wide variety of methods and they are almost translational, with most of them primarily developed in human and adapted to animal models.

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