This WP involves the organization of three intensive courses, in the form of a summer school, as a pilot test for contents of the Master program on Mouse Precision Pathobiology and the new teaching material delivered by the Consortium. The courses will assess the new teaching material developed by the project and the network performance of institutions involved in PATHBIO.

The courses will last one month and it will be taught every year of the project. Summer Courses will be structured into three modules. Module 1, held in Barcelona, is dedicated to Anatomy, Embryology and Histology; Module 2, held in Strasbourg, is devoted to Imaging (micro-CT, MRI and Ultrasound Biomicroscopy); and Module 3, held in Copenhagen, is dedicated to Pathobiology, Ontology, Genetics, and Informatics. During the three modules the basis of entrepreneurship will be taught (intellectual property stragegies, technological innovations and markets, biomedicine business). The classes will be recorded on video and posted on the PATHBIO website. The maximum number of students will be 30. The procedure of student’s selection must be fair and transparent. The selection criteria and weighting (%) to select the students will be: academic background in Biomedical Sciences (30%), Grade average (30%), work experience in a relevant field (20%), motivation letter (15%), letter of recommendation (5%). The selection criteria will be published in advance.

The Summer Courses will be evaluated by the Internal Monitoring Committee and the External Advisory Committee (two members). Most importantly, students that attend the course will be asked to provide detailed feedback on quality and utility of teaching materials.