This WP includes:

• Activities regarding the development of the curriculum for a Master in Mouse Precision Pathobiology. The project aims to design the Master curriculum during the first year of the project, taking into account the knowledge and experience of the partners as well as the information obtained in WP2 (Identification of specific seeds and previous resources). Once the Master program is designed during the first year of the PATHBIO, the project intends to apply for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree award during the second year. This will also provide a for testing the structure of the Master curriculum and the new teaching material developed by the project. This test will be performed in the second year of the project during the PATHBIO Summer Course.

• Admission criteria and administrative procedures. Admission criteria will be discussed on the basis of European regulations and taking into account the particularities of admission criteria used in the existing masters programmes of the institutions that form the PATHBIO project partners. The project foresees the participation of administrative qualified staff of each partner university.

• Programme of accreditation and legal recognition. By participating in this project, all the partner universities declare their willingness to support the Master degree in Mouse Precision Pathobiology. Joint degrees constitute a major interest in the future development of higher education within Europe. The activities in this WP are addressed to fulfil the different requirements and procedures for the programme accreditation. The legal aspect and procedures are different at each country, so steps will be applied according to the legislation in each case. The following bodies, where required, will be contacted at the corresponding work stages: rector of the University; Dean of Faculty; curricula commissions of the respective universities/Faculties; national Bologna Process delegates; ministries of education; and the senate of the university.

• Mobility Actions. Mobility is an essential component of the Master in Mouse Precision Pathobiology, both between the participating universities and other partner’s institutions where students will do their internships and mentorships. Special attention and efforts will be devoted to boost the mobility of students, but also teachers and researchers that are part of the project.