This WP defines the internal and external mechanisms included in the project to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the project. The main activities inluded in this WP are the following:

• Establishing an Internal Monitoring Committee responsible for defining the quality assurance of procedures and quality control of products (material). This committee will follow the guidelines of ENQA (http://www.enqa.eu). The Steering Committee of PATHBIO will act as an internal monitoring committee and will be responsible for the project work quality assessment conforming to the procedures, reports and minutes created to monitor the work progress.

• Creating an External Advisory Committee formed by highly qualified professionals.

Three outstanding individuals have committed to form part of the PATHBIO External Advisory Committte: Prof. Horst König, as a representative and expert in the field of anatomy; Dr. Peter Vogel, as a representative and expert in the field of pathology; and Professor Vasilis Ntziachristos, as a representative and expert in the field of multimodality imaging. These tree individuals agreed and expressed their commitment to support the PATHBIO project as advisors. The External Advisory Committee will report to the Steering Committee and will meet two times a year, one face to face. It is expected that the external committee members attend to Summer Courses. Matters of confidentiality will be observed by the members of this committee.